While still retaining much of its local flavor, Escazú makes a great alternative to living downtown for those who have certain expectations and needs. Excellent base for day trips throughout the Central Valley.

Landscape: Mountain, Valley, Epic Views and Lifestyle.
Attractions: Upscale San Jose suburb; shopping, schools and restaurants.
Activities: Golfing, Shopping and Restaurants.
Caters to: Couples/honeymooners, families, independent travelers, nature

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Situated on a hillside that looks out towards San Jose and Heredia, the area is made de up of 3 adjoining neighborhoods; San Antonio de Escazu, Escazu Centro and San Rafael de Escazu, there is an ever growing amount of newly arrived foreigners from North and South America and also Europe, who are making Escazú home to the largest population of expatriates in Costa Rica. Escazu is San José’s most well known exclusive suburb just 9 kilometers west of the national capital city.

Officially San Miguel de Escazú, it is also the name of the distrito (district) that includes the city which covers an area of approximately 5 km², and has a population of 13,480.


This area in Costa Rica is investor’s most favored, due to the beautiful weather, shopping and services, valley vistas, proximity to the capital and luxury homes. Residential developments continue to spring up offering high standards of privacy, security, as well as amenities like clubhouses, swimming pools, mini golf courses, concierge services and underground parking. Many of the new housing developments come furnished and ready-to-live-in, or designer-ready with in-house professionals ready to assist you in acquiring the home furnishings and luxuries you desire. These residences often come fully equipped with DSL internet, cable and satellite tv, and frequently include several telephone lines making the transition into your new accommodations as smooth as possible.

Being just a 10 minute drive downtown to San Jose, Escazú is easily accessible from all of the highways that lead to the countries most popular attractions. Escazu contains all of the services and businesses that one would expect of a modern day city such as banks, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, private schools, grocery stores, along with one of the biggest shopping malls in Central America, called Multi Plaza which has a wide selection of international stores and products. On this side of the city people who are seeking a convenient and modern day lifestyle can enjoy many social activities, an excellent nightlife, national and international social groups, and an 18-hole golf course with clubhouse. Some people opt to not have a vehicle as there is reliable bus and taxi services available.

While still retaining much of its local flavor, Escazú makes a great alternative to living downtown for those who have certain expectations and needs. Be sure to visit Escazu Centro for a taste of the laidback Tico lifestyle, and enjoy the scenery of colorful sodas, small narrow streets and the usual Costa Rican town center with Church and community park.


The city lies at an elevation of 1,101 meters above sea level on the northeast slopes of the Cerros de Escazú. The climate is moist tropical: it is not unknown for Escazú to experience rainfall on a day in which San José is dry and sunny. November and December frequently bring high winds.

Escazú has something for everyone, especially when it comes to restaurants. You’ll find lots of familiar franchises for all the ex-pats that live here, fine-dining and more modest establishments for the range of tourists who visit.

Escazú means “resting place,” but there’s a restless and often spooky quality to this suburb southwest of San José.

Nearly all of Escazú’s legends are both fascinating and terrifying, but one legend has stood out from the rest – The Tulevieja:
A ghost with the head of an old woman and the body of a bird, the Tulevieja is said to have lived up on Pico Blanco in the mountains of Escazú, occasionally coming down to ambush local farmers with her famous cry, “¡Voy, voy, voy!” before devouring them.

The football soccer club Brujas F.C. was born here.The name of the team “Brujas” is a reference to the nickname of the city “La ciudad de las brujas” (The City of the Witches). However, the team moved in 2009 to Desamparados.

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