Costa Rica is a territory that covers only 0.03% of the planet which amazingly contains approximately 6% of global biodiversity in an area of 51 000 square kilometers, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.  It’s your chance to experience the true meaning of ‘pura vida’ as you enjoy fabulous adventure with many exciting ways to immerse yourself in its natural elements. You’ll see why Costa Rica is the consummate destination for exploring ecosystems and connecting with a peaceful culture. The wide variety of exceptional tours and activities will have you wanting to come back for more. In order to simplify your search, tours and activities are divided in four major categories.

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An adventure-seeker’s paradise, Costa Rica offers an extraordinary assortment of outdoor ventures. There are many landscapes to discover and many enjoyable ways to discover them. People of all ages can relish safe and thrilling adventure activities.


Costa Rica offers some of the world’s top white water rafting expeditions. From class II beginner levels on mostly placid waters to professional adrenaline frenzied rocky class Vs. Wild and untamed, these winding rivers plunge through dramatic and largely unexplored tropical wilderness. Nature lovers or adventure seekers, this is a trip you will definitely relish.


View many different species of birds while seeing the mangroves close-up as you paddle protected inland waterways as a perfect place to learn about Costa Rican wildlife; or with 802 miles of coastline, venture on a more challenging open ocean paddle with an experienced guide both above and below the water.


Many of Costa Rica’s caves were shaped some 20 to 70 million years ago when much of Central America was still part of the ocean; several of the caves were originally discovered by aborigines during early explorations. Now a days, a bilingual guide will lead you into the bowels of the earth to discover stalagmites, ancient marine fossils, and delicate subterranean animal species. Listen to the sound of subterranean rivers and waterfalls echoing in the distance and watch as wet limestone formations dance against your flashlight. These caves now offer modern travelers a once in a lifetime experience to visit the little known realms of underground Costa Rica.


Take the opportunity to appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world as your guide rides you through primary and secondary rainforests or view the lush green valleys and the surrounding tropical landscapes while the wildlife awaits to surprise you!!! Horseback rides can take you to more than one destination, while making the expedition one of the most unforgettable parts of the adventure. Inexperienced riders are also received, and both private individuals and larger groups are welcome.


Rappel down waterfall canyons, or glide from platform to platform while secured to a cable while experiencing a bird’s eye view of the monkeys and an enormous variety of tropical flora and fauna on this adrenaline tour. The perfect adventure for people who love the magic of nature and also the thrill of flying through jungle covered mountains as the rainforest looms below. Definitely a favorite Eco-adventure for the whole family.


Costa Rica’s off road terrain of forests, mountains, plains and beaches offers both striking scenery and optimal features for riding ATVs. Safe and exciting, access some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes; ride through cow farms, take a dip in the refreshing waterfalls, cruise grassy fields and amazon rated rainforests. Bilingual guides will point out native plant and animal species that you may encounter adding a world of knowledge.


Crisscrossed by trails that run through pastures, jungles and mountains, Costa Rica offers biking tours customized for all strength and experience levels. You will likely see countless animals along the way as you pedal past live volcanoes, waterfalls, and dense rainforests. Stop for a delicious meal at a typical Costa Rican rural home or ranch and be prepared for other action packed sports such as rafting or kayaking (many times included when undertaking an overnight trip) to a number of sightseeing destinations.


These natural conservation and cultural expeditions take you along the lush, jungle-shrouded slopes, live and dormant volcanoes, rushing mountain streams, steep majestic mountains, and mesmerizing waterfalls as you discover fascinating regional wildlife including a myriad of birds, insects and reptiles.


In Costa Rica, vacation and learning come hand in hand through a wide array of activities that can enrich your knowledge directly or indirectly with very interesting information about our planet and distinct cultures. Guided tours are key to expanding your views and perspectives by coming in contact with unique people, places, and environments; you might even end up considering volunteering on an organic farm, or taking a Spanish language course.


Costa Rica harbors a tremendous abundance of wildlife; thousands of species of trees, exquisite orchids, never seen before insects, four species of monkeys, scarlet macaws, the Harpy eagle, sloths, white nosed coati-mondis, agoutis, butterflies, iguanas, many birds and hundreds of more species which are regularly seen. Allow a professional nature guide to open your eyes to the wonders of this tropical lands of forest and natural history.


Refuge properties are a wonderful example of sustainable development, where you will see a variety of Flora and Fauna such as precious tropical hardwood trees, sloths, the titi or squirrel monkey, and many more species that are considered in danger of extinction. As conservation projects, their mission is the protection of wildlife and the education of the public to better appreciate the natural resources that we depend upon for our own survival.


Multi-level walk-ways give a unique view of the local array of multicolored butterfly species and their host-plants that enables the visitor to observe the four stages of metamorphosis (egg, larvae, chrysalis and adult butterfly). Bare witness to the magical and exciting moment when a butterfly opens its wings and takes flight for the very first time!


A series of waterways and pools ecologically designed provide the different frog species with a place where to reproduce. Here you will see and learn about 15 different species of frogs in their 3 stages of metamorphosis. At night their call provides you with a 5 stars live concert that deserves to be heard.


20 species of reptiles are presented in a permanent exhibition for the purpose of protecting and sharing the great diversity and importance of these specific fauna in Costa Rica. Designed with lagoons appropriate for turtles, crocodiles, cayman and various species of serpents (including the Boa Constrictors); the exhibit has a suspended walkway that overlooks the various attractions while visitors are lead by a qualified nature guide who provides all kinds of interesting facts about biology, ecology and conservation values.


Packed with culture and history, try your luck at organic Tilapia fishing, visit an authentic sugar mill powered by massive oxen, and take a gentle walk through plantations as you experience first hand cacao, coffee and citrus production, or participate in the Carbon Offset Tree Planting Adoption Program.


Intended to motivate tourists towards social consciousness and the conservation of cultural legacies while promoting access to different rural communities and ensuring sustainable livelihoods, land use practices, business practices, and consumer behavior, a positive impact is created while one enjoys activities like cow milking and horseback riding; taking a relaxing hike through a National Park or a scenic boat tour. The best part about all of these tours is that you get to interact with real local families in rural areas, offering you a taste of the genuine ‘tico’ lifestyle.

Experience the magic of nature and enjoy a unique part of Costa Rican rural heritage.


– Jade Museum
– Costa Rica National Museum
– Costa Rican Arts Museum
– Central Bank Museum (Pre-Colombian Gold Museum)
– Children’s Museum
– Juan Santamaria Museum (in Alajuela)
– Regional Museum from th Province of Limon

Whether it be hiking through a National park on a guided tour where you can discover fascinating plants and insects, or while listening to stories about the history of Costa Rica as you learn how your morning coffee is grown, harvested, and roasted; these experiences are ones that will remain with you long after your vacation has come to an end.



Set among a tropical paradise, explore several world famous sites guided by experienced staff to take care of your every dive need. From Resort Courses to Dive Master certification and open water referrals Costa Rica will take you to the next level in Scuba Diving. Described as spectacular, Costa Rica’s waters are extremely pristine, ranging from 45-90 feet and teeming with life. A wide variety of marine life are waiting to be discovered such as the pelagics that inhabit the area. Schools of mobula rays (devil rays), turtles, and white tip reef sharks can be seen on many dives and large schools of fish swimming around and overhead can be breathtaking. Sometimes the numbers are so great that sunlight can actually be blocked by these large schools of fish, creating an underwater eclipse. Although not as common, the elusive whale shark and the giant bull shark are often spotted in the area. Temperatures hover in the upper seventies to low eighties throughout the year, so be ready to fullfill your diving pleasures from enjoyable day trips to scuba diving courses. With over 40 dive sites from which to choose, take back with you the most memorable dives in our underwater world of which most divers only dream.


Costa Rica is a surf heaven boasting some of the best waves in the world whether you favor lefts or rights. Need a board? No problem! There are many surf shops where you can rent or buy all the equipment necessary, though with perfect temperatures year around, there is no need for a wetsuit! For those who are true beginners, an experienced bilingual surf instructor will teach you safety techniques and then demonstrate the first steps of surfing; here you’ll learn to surf like a pro in no time!


Costa Rica boasts the world’s finest sport fishing locations. Marlin Magazine recently named Quepos one of the best locations in the world for “all around action”. Expect lots of Rooster fish, Dorado (Mahi-mahi), Jack Creavella, Snapper and Mackerel to complete your catch.

The offshore reefs will provide good numbers of Amberjack, Pargo, Black Marlin and all the Sail Fish you can imagine when in season.


Whether you choose the pacific or the Caribbean coast (or both), you can sail towards a perfect sunset, visit an island, or delight in the playful disposition of the dolphins, giant sea turtles and whales.

Glide along placid rivers with an experienced naturalist guide, who describes the birds, animals, and habitat in great detail; crocodiles, Scarlet Macaws, Jesus Christ Lizards, and over 120 species of birds can unexpectedly surprise you at any time.

Visit a river mouth, venture up a mature mangrove estuary and stop to learn about this remarkable ecosystem.  Swimming, snorkeling, filming and/or researching, come explore the many protected Islands and Bays only accessible by boat. Your adventure aboard a local ‘panga’, a comfortable classic sail boat or motor yacht begins as you travel along the scenic coastline or navigate past dense rainforests to partake in a one of a kind experience.



Get your camera ready for cascading 40-foot waterfalls, giant rainforest trees and panoramic views of the ocean as all part of this placid ride. Great for independent and small group travelers and incentive groups. Researchers, foreign and local along with students are also invited to take advantage of the opportunity to observe wildlife in the forest canopy from a unique perspective.

Open-air gondolas with canvas awnings seat up to eight passengers and a naturalist guide. The rugged topography of our forest means the modified ski lift skims the forest floor, and then soars to a maximum height of 130 feet above the jagged green valley.


Costa Rica is a bird watchers seventh heaven providing an exceptional birding experience, Typically, counting an average of 60 to 90 different species of birds spotted any given day.
Traverse several habitats, including pastures, swamps, primary and secondary forests that host several species of waders like Roseate Spoonbill, White Ibis, Bare-throated Tiger Heron, as well as the Crested Caracara, the elusive Harpy eagle, Laughing Falcon, populations of Rufous Piha, Red capped Manakin, Chesnut mandibled Toucans, Baird´s Trogon, Red legged Honeycreeper, White hawk, Black-Hawk eagle and many others.


There are various different types of spas available in Costa to fit your personal needs. You can find Spas whether you are visiting a volcano, climbing green jungle mantled mountains, soaking up the sun in any number of spectacular beaches, or cruising through the heart of the cities. Actively participate in your wellbeing. Fresh air, clean water, healthy food, and positive thoughts are essential in the quest to find inner peace and lasting joy. Reconnect with your self in pampering bliss in refuge from the pressures of a busy world refreshing for both mind and body.

Resort Spas combine a wide variety of recreational activities with a reviving spa experience indulging in a wide variety of massage techniques or special hot stone treatments, full body exfoliations, wellness counseling and more. If you’re short on time,or just traveling through, select a Day Spa where you will be provided with a beautifying, relaxing, and gratifying experience; individual treatments last for as little as an hour or take pleasure in multiple treatments that may take up to a whole day. Day spas are freestanding or located in health clubs, hotels, and even department stores.

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