The main fishing method currently used is the catch and release system, which consists precisely in releasing the fish after it’s captured. The waters of the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica are famous for having record catches of sailfish, gold fish, roosterfish and yellow fin tuna; these species are particularly great fighters and very difficult to capture, but with the help of the captains in the area, we manage to help those fishers who visit us, achieve the capture of these specimens.

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Fishing in Costa Rica is admired for thousands of fishers globally because you can go for fish like Marlin, Sailfish and Wahoos offering a great fight for sport fishing fans who with great enthusiasm visit us every year looking to have a great vacation on the coasts of Papagayo and Tamarindo, these coasts usually have the most species of fish to catch, their beautiful and warm waters are full of exuberance and this makes them one of the principal tourist sites in Costa Rica, lots of tours out in the ocean take place, among them is the sport fishing which is suitable for anyone because we have great captains in the area that lead to have a memorable day of fishing due to their great experience. Costa Rica is a country well known for its various attractions in the ocean and forests, making many people come to explore the richness of the fauna of Guanacaste, this region is known by many as a natural paradise in the world due to its warm climate, lush vegetation and nature reserves, this allows you to see landscapes with perfect harmony between terrestrial and aquatic life. Visitors of different places come to admire this wonderful region to explore even the most remote place to make a unique experience, tourists return home with unforgettable memories of Costa Rica and its people.

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