Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

The Poás Volcano is a strato volcano located within the Poas Volcano National Park and is considered be to the largest active crater in the world. At approximately 1 mile (1.6 km.) wide and 320 meters deep, it lets out frequent geyser-like eruptions of muddy water and steam. The best time to view the crater is early in the morning before any clouds cover over the crater and the lake. Providing there is no mist or clouds to obscure your view you will see the sulfuric, bubbling, green rain fed lake at the bottom of the main crater, surrounded by rising smoke and steam. At its summit Poás has two crater lakes – the main crater and Botos Lake.

Summary: Costa Rica’s most visited attraction.
Landscape: Mountain Side, Volcano
Attractions: La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Poas Volcano National Park, The Butterfly Farm, Zoo Ave
Activities: Coffee Tours, Poas Volcano
Caters to: Budget Travelers, Day Trippers, Families

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