Pavones, Costa Rica

That left break, the second longest left break known on the planet will take surfers for a three minute, picture perfect ride between April and October.

Electricty arrived in Pavones in 1995, and with it came modern appliances, DirectTV, email and faxes. The main mode of transportation in Pavones has gone from the horse to the bicycle. The Pavones Bus is an infamous institution in its own right in the town. Fortunately, Pavones’ remote location has slowed development and the natural unspoiled atmosphere is being preserved.
Conservation awareness and reforestation and wildlife preservation projects are thriving, as well as community beach clean-ups. With an interesting mix of nationalities, Pavones is a thriving and peaceful community.

Summary: Palm-lined beach, world class surfing and a lively party atmosphere.
Landscape: Beaches, Rainforest
Attractions: Guaymi Indigenous Reserve, Punto Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge, Waterfalls, Wildlife
Activities: Bird & Wildlife Watching, Stand-up Paddle Surfing, Surfing
Caters to: Budget Travelers, Surfers, Wildlife Enthusiasts

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