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Explore the Surf of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is paradise found

Costa Rica is home to some of the best waves on the planet, crashing along beaches that are clean and blissfully empty. Explore to find sandy beaches that are white, tan, dark brown, and black – to compliment the rocky points, rivermouths, reefs, and offshore islands which help make Costa Rica an essential surf destination. It’s geography makes it perfect to easily explore it’s two coastlines — the Caribbean and the Pacific — which both produce great waves and have essential surf spots. The Caribbean side has a short surfing season and produces large swells from tropical storms off Mexico. The Pacific coast has smaller but more consistent surf generated by low pressure systems located off New Zealand.

In the ’70s, Central America began to attract U.S surfers, looking for exotic waves close to home. Costa Rica was perfect – it was possible to be surfing endless world class spots with a choice of two very different coastlines – Fast forward to today and Costa Rica  offers something for everyone making this a true surfer’s paradise.

Explore the Surf of Costa Rica

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