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The words “yoga” and “Costa Rica” are virtually synonymous with one another

Thousands of tourists each year frequently escape to this beautiful, tropical area to engage in yoga practices. Classes are mostly held outdoors in the most stunningly exotic peaceful surroundings nature has to offer, be it lush green majestic mountains or along sandy stretches of paradaisacal beaches.

Even yoga instructors go to Costa Rica to attend certification courses or to learn advanced skills in the art of yoga. Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice of yoga, course a yoga teacher training or simply begin your path to renewal and rediscovery, you’ll find an abundance of ways to do this and so much more.

Find out Why Costa Rica is one of the Hottest Yoga Travel Destinations for beginners and Yogi’s alike.Surrender to the sublime shavasana after a flowing sunset yoga retreat lesson as you are reminded to slow down and live the Now; wake at dawn to the playfulness of the howler monkeys as you partake in a ritualistic sun salutation; be like the voyeur to the awesomeness of the beauty of Nature as you re-connect to the Earth. Find yourself returning from your vacation more peaceful than when you first arrived while already anticipating the return to the magic of another Costa Rican yoga experience.

In Costa Rica , we believe that when you achieve a balance of the mind, body and spirit, you set yourself upon the path to a happier, healthier life; unearth the harmony within yourself, decompress and connect yourself with untamed tropical nature as you hold your next rejuvenating yoga retreat or teacher training seminar. Let your only pressing concern be about which of the many majestic spots to choose from when doing your yoga and meditation practices.

Come to Costa Rica and share in this exciting and tranformational experience, have the opportunity to learn some more about yoga philosophies as you practice the yoga style of choice, along with meditation, and chanting in daily guided yoga classes. Each yoga retreat focuses on a different key aspect of yoga such as relaxation, strength building, or even “coming back to yourself.”  There are special yoga retreats and places designed for those on honeymoons, those who have recently retired, and just about any other special population you can imagine; or if you’re just passing through, take advantage of a class here and there at the myriad of open classes you will find along your trip

Explore Essential Yoga in Costa Rica

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