Visit a coast of sparkling sand beaches filled with laid back fishing communities, hotels and resorts.

North Pacific

Beautiful weather and a windswept coastline bring surfers to the North Pacific area of Costa Rica, an abundance of marine life and stellar diving spots lure underwater aficionados, and a sturdy flow of tourism paired with a laid-back attitude make this an all-around top spot to experience Costa Rica’s charms.

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As recently as the 1970s, fishing and cattle ranching were the area’s mainstays. Development is barreling ahead full speed, though, bringing with it sophisticated restaurants, hotels, and shops.

This area experiences a real dry season, in which no rain may fall for months; the north west coast which is the driest part of the country often has few rainy days even during wet season. Winds here can be strong. The northwest or Guanacaste region, has a well-defined dry season from November to May.

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