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Costa Rica Yoga Retreats – Reviews – Member Discounts

Yoga Retreat destinations in Costa Rica

There are many places to have yoga holiday in Costa Rica. It can either be closer to the beach or to the mountain. However, beach is probably much more desired, because then you can incorporate yoga with surf lessons. The beaches are probably the most popular for yoga and surf retreats in Costa Rica. Try out one out of many beach resorts and spa there. You’ll probably come home satisfied as many have.

Yoga retreat accommodations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has great choices and selections of accommodation. Most of them will really pamper your every need on your getaway retreat. As the best yoga retreats in Costa Rica are located near the beach, you can pick either beach resorts, seaside hotels, or spa as your accommodation. As basic accommodations provided by yoga schools in Costa Rica may not be too popular, you can always exchange them with these nice, comfortable, and some luxurious accommodations. Costa Rica probably has one of the best accommodations for yoga and surf vacations.

Yoga and Surf retreat in Costa Rica

Most yoga organizers in Costa Rica offer yoga practice in combination with surf lesson. This is actually a good complement to your yoga practice. Not only that surf will give you a fun addition to your holiday, but also it will put your yoga practice in use immediately; your yoga practice will support your physical ability to surf.

Other activities

If you choose to go on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, you will have tons of other activities such as snorkeling or windsurfing. You can also choose to have a cruise in the Carribean sea, or simply a nature walk or bird watching.

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