Costa Rica Lawyers

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Our Approved Lawyers are from renowned Costa Rican Law Firms and fully support our customers through specialized legal advice founded on high standards of service, responsibility, ethical commitment, and loyalty.

Recognized companies, as well as national and foreign investors, form part of our broad portfolio of clients we have sent to our Approved Lawyers Listings. Our top Costa Rica lawyers provide services to our clients whether located in Costa Rica or somewhere else throughout the rest of the world.

Our clients trust in us, we have Approved Lawyers in these and other services. Each and every Lawyer we refer to has a proven track record with EVERY single client we have provided them.

Corporate Law

Lawyers who actively aid in the establishment of national and foreign companies, provide advice on installing and starting operations in the country (including, registration for the import and export of products).

In addition, who provide consultations and recruitment in relation to the know-how, licensing, and transfer of technology.

Further, they can also advise regarding: project financing, distribution agreements, mergers and acquisitions, business associations, corporate restructuring, franchise agencies, and civil and commercial contracts.

Real Estate Law

Lawyers who actively participate in purchase and sale transactions of real estate, as well as the process of establishing and developing projects.

In addition, they can also give legal advice during the different phases of construction, development, and sale of properties, both residential and commercial real estate, provide timely and comprehensive planning, and develop appropriate strategies for the implementation of national and international projects.

Immigration Law

Lawyers who provide reliable immigration support for executives and companies that need to relocate, either temporarily or permanently, to Costa Rica.

Who offer process services for the procurement of work permits, resident visas for retirees and investors, special entrance permits to Costa Rica, immigration proceedings, and company registration before our Immigration Authorities.

Investment Law

Our Lawyers guarantee to provide our clients the best counsel, support, and top consultants in financial investments, Tax-Free Zone strategies, tourism grants, customs regulations and international commerce.

They are experts in risk management in business companies, economic policies, market niches, forms of financing, and administrative procedures for the structuring and creation of business entities, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Litigation & Arbitration

Our Lawyers come from law firms that provides integral and specific legal strategies for each client by specializing in negotiation, conciliation, and arbitration on a national and international level.

Who represent our clients in civil and commercial disputes, with great motivation and humanism.

Let Approved Lawyers help you with everything you need in Costa Rica.