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Luxury in Costa Rica means our 100% is invested in customer satisfaction and quality service, striving to meet an exceptionally high standard. Often, specialty restaurants and a wide variety of guest services make these hotel properties and resorts a distinctive treat. If you are on a budget, Costa Rica remains affordable without necessarily reverting to backpacker hostels with dorm beds. You might not have all the amenities of a luxury hotel, but you will definitely enjoy present clean and comfortable rooms for a fair price. Midrange hotels are at the heart of tourism in Costa Rica, making up the vast majority of lodgings in the country. In many cases these hotels began as small family run businesses, and over a number of years they have grown to improve their services and amenities, and they remain one of the best options for most visitors to Costa Rica.

More recently, rural tourism is on the rise where the visitor can experience firsthand the realities of Costa Rican culture and history transforming vacation into an educational adventure. Wake up to the roosters crow or the Congo monkey’s howl, take part in the morning chores, or explore the astounding beauty of your surroundings with guides who truly know their territory. For those that want to go ‘off road’ from the more popular touristic areas, whether alone or with friends; fishing families, ‘campesinos’ and indigenous communities take you in, offering accommodations and local dishes to inspire your palate with simple yet delicious meals. Take advantage of being in direct contact with the natural beauty of local people and rural life in a responsible and sustainable way while contributing to create more opportunities for rural communities. The lodges and tours are supported by organizations that are working to protect thousands of acres of forest and valuable water resources. With organized, often unheralded voluntary labor, ‘they and you’ are helping to safeguard a precious treasure for future generations.

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In general, Costa Rica maintains high family values which reflects in the country’s family-orientated atmosphere and accommodations; some offering plenty of “kid friendly” activities right at the property; others have spacious living room areas that allow guests to prepare meals and relax in a larger space.

Cabins and Villas can be another great option for a peaceful and private getaway, increased relaxation or quality family time. Rather than close-proximity rooms within a single building, cabin and villas form a separate structure. Guests at these properties walk on short paths between the reception, restaurant, and their own private cabins, villas, or bungalows*. Many cabin and villa accommodations also provide more amenities than a standard room sometimes including a full kitchen and a separate living area that are ideal for longer stays. *(Please note that some units form a duplex, rather than a single unit.)

Costa Rica is one of the top destinations for honeymooners. Costa Rica’s lodgings that cater to this service offer the same amenities that luxury class has to offer by creating dreamy romantic settings and life lasting memories. From relaxing on stunning beaches to enjoying exquisite dinners while overlooking some of the world’s most beautiful rainforests and ocean vistas, your honeymoon hotel can be exactly as you imagined it and more.

Vacation Homes offer a distinctive alternative for your stay in Costa Rica including fully equipped kitchens, along with the possibility of accommodating large groups of people. The locations are well managed; in other words, one can expect a clean and well maintained property. A great deal of preparation is involved, these properties often have minimum-length stays, and managers may encourage longer stays by offering lower daily rates.

Beach hotels, Mountain hotels and Resorts create the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. Costa Rica invites visitors to indulge in secluded tropical relaxation and fun filled holidays; an excellent choice for family travelers, friends, and romance. Enjoy our oceans’ crystalline waters and stunning panoramic views of the Costa Rican landscape while being provided with everything you need either onsite or nearby. Surround yourself with the many natural wonders Costa Rica has to offer, including rare and exotic wildlife, majestic rainforests, stunning waterfalls, awe-inspiring volcanoes, enjoy a sunset or watch the mist roll in over the trees. Visitors searching for adventure can choose from a wide variety of activities, anything from spa treatments and yoga to canopy tours, rappelling, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, surfing, and other extreme sports

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All Inclusive Costa Rica Hotels are best for stress-free planning and a hassle-free stay. They offer both meals and accommodation for one set price, leaving you to enjoy plentiful rest and relaxation. This option is great especially for those traveling with family. A variety of these all-inclusive hotels are located near popular beach destinations, while others are found in remote regions of the country where nearby restaurants and town centers are almost non-existent. Come and choose one that meets your needs and preferences.

Costa Rica offers a wide variety of Executive, Meetings & Incentives hotels, from one to five stars, with a combination of modern infrastructure, good customer service, and comfortable rooms that make our country one of the best choices for holding conventions and conferences that are completely equipped to host business meetings. If you are a businessperson, please do not hesitate to visit.

Boutique Hotels typically offer a more intimate environment; personalized service is undeniably a characteristic of Costa Rica hospitality. Fostering an atmosphere that is at once relaxed and personal, many are small and charming, spiced with their own unique flavor. The familial environs make these excellent places for a romantic getaway, meeting your hosts or getting to know other guests. Of course, there’s no better way to begin your day than feeling well taken care of, and one of the main reasons tourists choose this type of lodging establishment. Facilities are luxurious, and boutique hotels offer excellent dining services.

Costa Rica is covered by mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, rainforest and world class outstanding natural wonders that attract outdoor enthusiasts and eco-tourists from around the globe. With 25% of the country’s fantastical nature and delicate ecosystems protected, a wide variety of Sustainable Hotels and Eco Lodges in Costa Rica support efforts that will help to preserve its natural wonders into the future leading the way by implementing policies that seek a better balance with the environment and community. These properties have earned the Certification for Sustainable Tourism by taking the necessary steps to significantly reduce waste, toxicity, and consumption of resources. Many have developed programs in areas such as recycling, reforestation, and environmental education. For the conscientious traveler, these accommodations offer some of the best places to enjoy a mid-range or luxury vacation with minimal environmental. Eco-lodges also offer activities with a low impact on the environment such as hiking, snorkeling, and bird watching. Food served in the restaurants is as local and seasonal as possible, and while you can expect simple, yet charming accommodations that emphasize the enjoyment of Costa Rica’s stunningly diverse beauty, comfort is always a priority.

Blessed with outstanding weather, those that wish to remain within city limits or near the SJO airport can find enjoyment in the gorgeous view of the chain of volcanoes surrounding the Central Valley, beautiful rainforests to be explored and historical sights to be visited all within only a couple hours of San Jose. While the city may not offer the peace and quiet of more secluded areas, there is an increase in convenience with an abundance of international and local cuisine, museums, casinos, shopping and cafes and nightlife options.

If you are landing in Liberia, Guanacaste, this central location offers a wonderful selection of restaurants, shops and historical sites, as well as the perfect launching point for a number of popular national parks and pristine beaches. Warm tropical sun, gorgeous sunsets and beautiful, unspoiled coastlines await you here. Many of the hotels close to the airports offer free airport transportation available 24 hours; always an ideal place to stay during your first or last night in the country.

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