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All adding up to some truly fantastic panoramas, this tiny Central American country makes for an amazing vacation getaway.

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Costa Rica is blessed with an abundance of lush natural beauty. Slightly larger than Switzerland, the landscape here is varied and gorgeous. Exquisite beaches lead up to fiery volcanoes through some of the most dense and verdant forestation in the world.

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Beautiful weather and a windswept coastline bring surfers to the North Pacific area of Costa Rica, an abundance of marine life and stellar diving spots lure underwater aficionados, and a sturdy flow of tourism paired with a laid-back attitude make this an all-around top spot to experience Costa Rica’s charms. Strung along the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula are sparkling sand beaches lined with laid-back fishing communities, and hotels and resorts in every price category. As recently as the 1970s, fishing and cattle ranching were the area’s mainstays. Development is barreling ahead full speed, though, bringing with it sophisticated restaurants, hotels, and shops.