Why “Pura Vida” is
The Essential
Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the world’s happiest countries. The best way to describe Costa Rica with two words – is “pura vida”

Literally translated as “pure life”, pura vida is used as both a greeting, a goodbye and as a synonym for “excellent.

Question: Hello! How are you?
Response: Pura vida! (meaning: very well, thanks!)

Question: Are things going well at work?
Response: Pura vida! (meaning: yes, good!)

Comment: I am going to a new restaurant for dinner tonight.
Response: Pura vida! (meaning: great! enjoy!)

Question: After dinner I am going to the hot springs. How are the pools?
Response: Pura vida! (meaning: very nice!)

Comment: Well, see you soon!
Response: Pura Vida! (meaning: see you later!)

Where did ‘pura vida’ come from? A film called Pura vida came to Costa Rica from Mexico in 1956. In the movie, “Pura vida” is the expression of eternal optimism used by a comic character, who unfortunately can’t seem to do anything right. The phrase “Pura vida” was then used nationwide by 1970. Today the phrase is the unofficial motto of Costa Rica.

Pura vida is so uniquely Costa Rican that if you hear someone say it, you can be assured that they are either a Tico or they spent a significant amount of time living in Costa Rica.

It’s a statement about life, and how you choose to live it.
It’s more than just a saying… it’s a lifestyle.

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