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Costa Rica for Medical Tourism

  • World Health Care Organization has ranked Costa Rica in the first 25 best healthcare systems on the globe, and third in all of Latin America; thus becoming fast the number one choice for Canada and the United States.

Anyone fit to travel is eligible to partake in medical/wellness tourism, receiving the best medical treatment by Internationally trained and experienced doctors in full service hospitals at a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at home. Whether you are looking for important medical procedures, elective cosmetic or other wellness treatments that your insurance doesnt cover; or for those under-insured or part of the 16% that cannot afford insurance; medical tourism many times proves by far, the best option. Really, insured or uninsured, medical tourism is for people who want to save anywhere from 50% up to an unbelievable 90%, depending on the treatment sought.

(JCI accredited) CIMA in Ezcazu has an affiliation with the Baylor University Medical Center in Waco, Texas. (JCI accredited) Hospital Clínica Biblíca and Hospital Hotel La Católica in San José, offer world-class medical tourism/wellness packages. More and more specialty doctors are now traveling to Costa Rica either being assisted or assisting local qualified English speaking doctors that perform bariatric syrgery (proven, pioneering surgical cures for type 2 diabetes and weight loss); Orthopedic procedures for knee and hip replacements along with sports medicine and ACL repairs; find leading cosmetic surgeons that make you feel and look younger, and skilled dental surgeons that give you back your dazzling smile.

Costa Rica is very accesible and foreigner friendly; enjoy the highest quality, state of the art medical centers while basking in a tropical paradise tailored specifically to suit your every need; a network of first-class hotels, medical recovery centers and wellness retreats, concierge services and fabulous tourist attractions are part of medical travel within Costa Rica.

Even upon adding the cost of airfare, hotels, food, along with a couple of tours to the Arenal, sportsfishing and canopy, you still come out ahead. Costa Rica also specializes in Cardiac syrgery, Spinal, psychiatry, alternative treatments, drug and alcohol rehab, and convalescent care.

Politically and economically stable with the lowest crime-rate in Latin America, and extremely high quality of care at a very affordable cost with practically no waiting lists are just a few more reasons to endorse in medical tourism and travel in Costa Rica. Add to that, hospital rooms that look more like a first-class hotel than a care facility and a wide array of touristic attractions (hot springs, active volcanoes, dense primary rainforests and pristine solitary beaches) at an easy distance from the Capital, San José, and you’re set to have a wonderful time. There are already many US, Canadians, and European citizens that have chosen to live their retirement in Costa Rica because of the lower cost of living, comfortable climate and its unspoiled nature.

So, plan your pleasure vacation and at the same time, get any pending medical or dental care done. Costa Rica is a package of health, fun, and savings. There is no better place to recuperate and unwind.